Cinderford Gardening Club

Cinderford Gardening ClubI have thought about forming a Cinderford gardening club now for some time, so here we are. A newly formed group for sharing knowledge , plants and seeds. If you would be interested in joining please contact me

You do not have to have a garden or allotment of your own to join us.

I hope we can all benefit and have some fun as well.

The advantages of Gardening

A garden more than returns the investment you put in. Not just food but peace , quiet and good Exercise.


  • Reduces Stress
  • ¬†helps fight disease
  • Boost your strength
  • Makes you Happy
  • Allows you to grow your own food, saving money and improving your health.
  • Even if you have no garden you can always grow something.

Cinderford Gardening ClubI hope that Cinderford Gardening club will cover all aspects of gardening. My personal passion is growing vegetables ( see my personal blog ) but my wife loves her flowers..